Hydra Grabber™

Save time while improving safety

Retractable bale hook desing elminates bale spear accidents and stack push-over; easily attaches to skid-loaders and tractors.

Loading and transporting large square bales becomes safe and efficient with the Hydra Grabber™ loader attachment. The simple but effective design of this machine engages bales from any side. By eliminating the need to “spear” bales, the Hydra Grabber™ prevents the damage to buildings, trucks and trailers that can result from pushing into stacks. Hydraulic power provides rapid engagement and retraction of the aggressive bale hooks. With the hooks retracted, the operator simply places the machine in contact with the selected bale face. Stack push-over is no longer a concern, as the bale hooks move from fully retracted to fully embedded in the bale only after the loader is no longer in motion. Stacking on trucks, trailers or in barns becomes fast and simple. After bales are in position, the hooks are hydraulically retracted, releasing the bales. The dangerous problem of pulling the stack back on the loader is prevented, improving safety and efficiency. When equipped with the Hydra Grabber™, most tractor loaders become capable of loading and unloading an entire truck or trailer from one side, resulting in significant time savings.


  • Handles square bales with hooks instead of spears for a safer, more effective experience.
  • Engages bales from any side.
  • Makes stacking bales on trucks, trailors, or in barns faster and simpler.


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Triple C Informational Video

Hydra Grabber equips your loader for fast, safe square bale handling!

Triple C Informational Video


GR 5678 GR 8178
Square 4'x4'x8' Bales Handled 1 bale 2 bales
Square 3'x4'x8' Bales Handled 2 bales 3 bales
Square 3'x3'x8' Bales Handled 2 bales 3 bales
Round Bales Up to 2500# (with optional spear) Handled 1 bale 1 bale
Standard Bale Engaging Hooks Supplied 10 hooks 14 hooks
Weight 640 lbs. 755 lbs.
Width 78" 78"
Height 56" 81"
Forward Extension 16" 16"
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure 1,700 PSI 1,700 PSI
Minimum Hydraulic Flow 3 GPM 3 GPM
Hook Actuation Requirement 1 hydraulic circuit 1 hydraulic circuit
Loader Attachment System Bob-Tach™ style standard Bob-Tach™ style standard

The specifications for Hydra Grabber™ are subject to change without notice.


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